Guild Message of the Day - November 19th
My new main is Amavela the Monk, with Bancduese no longer holding that title, just as Erikwynne lost it long ago at the end of classic WoW. Just remember, Ama is even easier to type than Banc, so go ahead and try it out. I will answer to whatever name you throw out there for my toons, but my preferred character that I list as my main is Amavela, aka Ama.

Exodus News

By: Amavela - November 19th

Palace Coup...

As of November 19th, 2012 on the Fizzcrank server, the Princess of Exodus saw a peaceful transfer of power from Bancduese Fairbreeze, Priestess of the Night, and Princess of Exodus, Sixth in Line for Exodus rulers, to the new Princess Amavela Fairbreeze the Monk as the new Princess of Exodus, Seventh in Line for Exodus rulers. There was no bloodshed during this transfer. This exchange of roles for the two was assisted in by Renfaye Fairbreeze the Mage.

By: Telo - November 15th

New Raid Schedule

New expansion = New raid schedule.

Wednesday and Thursday will be the weekday group running two raid days. Saturday will be a one day run with a 4 hour time, more if people are willing.

Wednesday: Current Raid: 7:30-10:00
Thursday: Current Raid: 7:30-10:00
Saturday: Current Raid: 6:00-10:00

People from the Wednesday/Thursday run can join in on the Saturday run if fill in player are needed if they get up to the bosses the earlier group have not yet downed. This should help over all progression as a guild even if they are two separate groups.

Tuesdays will be guild LFR runs starting at 7:30.

Which raid we run will be based on who is around. We will always try to run the current one first. Be aware you need to do the older ones to get into the current ones. If needed please try to run the older ones on your own so you can join the guild LFR run.

By: Settingsun - September 7th

Congratulations On 6/8 Heroic DS

Sadly no screenshot for this one but yes we are now 6/8 heroic on DS as of last night. Hopefully getting Spine down and then Madness soon thereafter.

Also come MoP we are thinking about stepping up into 25 man raiding so that we will be exciting. I do believe 25 man is much more intersting than 10 man if only due to the fact that you have 2.5 times the people.

  • Bancduese: Just want to note that we did finsih at 7/8 heroic before the new expansion hit.
By: Settingsun - July 14th

The "Wowfactor"

The "Wowfactor" is a server competition that stops at different servers and has a contest. The winner receives a sum of money donated from the guild and from what I have heard the jackpot is 180k possibly going to 200k here soon if not higher.

The competition is about who has the best transmog set on the server. While it is not set in stone as far as I know if the "Wowfactor" is coming to Fizzcrank or when it is coming it is a possiblity. So for anyone who wants to show off their clothes here is your chance to do so. For more info Owolfus was kind enough to post a link to the WoW forums where it was first mentioned in the general forums.

  • Kassutera: August 11th wowfactor will be on fizzcrank to judge the sets. good luck to all participating
  • Bancduese: Saturday, August 11, 2012, at the SW Cathedral from 7 to 10 PM, server time
By: Kassutera - March 12th

Madness down- Congrats to Exodus!

Congrats to Fear for also winning the Blazing Drake mount that dropped off of Deathwing as well

By: Settingsun - March 2nd

Warmaster Blackhorn? Oh that guy laying over there on the floor.

Second week in a row we got Blackhorn down in one shot so very nice. So lets get the Spine down and get me that trinket.

By: Settingsun - February 7th

Lottery and guild challanges

We are going to be starting a lottery look at the funny stuff and off topic for more info about. We will also start posting guild competitions so look for those on your chalendar.

By: Telo - January 31st

Incoming Buff/Debuff

So we get a 5% bonus now. In 6 deep, lets finish it before we get to a 10% buff people. Nice work so far everyone.

Still seeking people for a second team so they can catch up.

By: Telo - December 22nd

4 Down in DS. #5 this week?

It is time to test the DPS and healers. Are you ready?

  • Settingsun: Yeah that feral druid and that dwarf shadow priest really needs to step it up in my opinion
By: Settingsun - October 31st


We have been able to get Baleroc, Shannox, Lord Ryolith, Beth'tilac, Alysrazor, and Majordomo Staghelm down. We are going after Ragnaros next.

  • Kassutera: Alysrazor has been downed
  • Telo: Domo down too. Just need rag. Friday group is doing better as well.

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